GTX 1080 Ti to be released before Vega

If you’re thinking of buying a video card any time soon, then wait!

According to rumours on the internets there will be new releases from both AMD and Nvidea in the next few months.

Conversations from CES apparently point to an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti coming in March 2017. No indication of what that means or what performance we can expect (over the 1080), but if it really is coming in March then we should see those numbers coming out very soon.

AMD on the other hand has an entire new line of chips to launch some time around May 2017. Many expect/hope that AMD will be able to bring a serious contender to high-end GPU market, and beat Nvidia’s current all dominating GTX 1080 in both performance and in price.

The timing of Nvidia’s new card also seems ominous, as surely they will be trying to lure buyers away from an imminent Vega launch. For their part AMD desperately needs a chip that can beat anything Nvidia currently has, including anything that launches before Vega does.

One can only hope as a serious competition between the two chip makers can only be good news for the consumer 👍 😃


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